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At BrainMatriX we believe being master of your material is the key to gaining mastery over it.

BrainMatriX enables you to gain mastery over whatever material you choose through self-study tools that put you in control of the learning process. Our technology platform gives students the power to learn, interpret and retain information about any topic quickly and efficiently, by customizing it to suit how they learn best.

With BrainMatriX you can:

  • Memorize more information in less time
  • Retain newly acquired knowledge longer
  • Improve your scores on SAT, GRE, GMAT and other standardized tests
  • Create a searchable database of study material and notes
  • Gain feedback to improve performance and exchange ideas with your peers

Learn about our solution

With eReviewBook, new information becomes knowledge that sticks with you long after you've aced your test.

Our Solutions

Our educational learning system, available through the complementary eReviewBook and NoteScribe solutions, make mastering your material easier than ever - at home, at school or in the office.

With eReviewBook you can study faster, through tools that make memorizing and retaining new material both intuitive and fun - whether you are preparing for a standardized test, honing your expertise about a subject, or trying to acquire new skills at work. NoteScribe, a note taking program, streamlines and improves your access to valuable information, offering you a system for taking and managing your study notes and reference materials.

Through eReviewBook and NoteScribe, BrainMatriX provides a complete study and test taking learning system that adapts to your personal study needs, course and reference materials, and educational goals. It is a flexible system that can be used with any test taking tips you utilize. Experience them on your desktop or mobile device today. Both solutions are available on CD-ROM or via free 30-day trial download.

notescribe ereviewbook

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